New Years

Sretna nova godina!

So it’s officially 2016 now, which feels rather odd to say, especially because it doesn’t feel like a new year.  It doesn’t even feel like Christmas has happened already, even though Zagreb is officially the most Christmas-y destination in Europe.  And with the new year comes my 4 month anniversary in Croatia, which is both a long time and a short time.  It’s a long time to go without hugging your mom or hearing your dad come home or taking your brother for ice cream or walking your dogs or having a sleepover with your friends, but yet it’s a short time to make close friends and learn a language and experience a culture and do everything you’re meant to do on exchange.  I have 6 left.  In a month, I’ll be halfway through exchange, which is scary to think about but yet exciting, because I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t miss Burlington.  No matter how many times I’ve voiced my utter hatred towards Burlington, it’s really, really difficult not to miss the place all of your fondest memories are associated with (well not all, but it isn’t like I don’t miss NYC, too).  There’s just something about having nothing to do that really makes you focus on the people you’re surrounded by, I guess.

Anyway, I updated a few days ago so there isn’t much in the way of news.   I went out for new year’s, for the first time ever, actually.  Our tradition back home is watching old home videos, crowded in the living room around the TV and trying to get the 400 year old camera to work.  This year, I went to another exchange student’s house and we went to a party at a football (yes, soccer for the Americans) club.  It was a lot of fun and I got to meet a few of Annalise’s friends, which was nice.  Of course when we got home we were absolutely exhausted, and we spent the next day lounging around and then went to Delaney’s house for a big lunch.  Today, I finally went to see Star Wars with my host family, who unfortunately I’ll be leaving in a week!  I have a lot of mixed feelings about the switch.  I’m really excited to go and meet a new family and see another way of life here, but I’m also scared because I have a nice routine here and I really like my host family.  In some ways, switching families is like starting exchange over again because you have to gain a new family’s trust, get used to a new lifestyle and learn an entirely new part of the city.  I’ll post once I move about how it all went.


New Years

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