Happy Holidays!

Ugh, I probably shouldn’t even be awake right now but I can’t sleep and I figured 4am would be the best possible time to write a time consuming blog post that I’ve been putting off for 2 months.

So, lots of things happen in 2 months, as I’m sure you could’ve guessed.  First, Thanksgiving.  We had a small Thanksgiving dinner that 8 of us exchange students coordinated, along with two Rotaract members and an Interact member.  The 8 of us all cooked traditional American dishes and ate on paper plates while blasting Christmas music, because why not?  Maya stayed at my house for the weekend and we spent the morning before the dinner running around Zagreb trying to find all the ingredients we needed for our dishes: apple pie, greek salad, sweet potato fries, and mashed potatoes.   The night was fun, as it was the same night Zagreb lights its award-winning Christmas decorations around the city and so we all headed down for that and suffered through the claustrophobia.  Worth it.

My host mom and host brother also both recently had birthdays, both of which I (obviously) celebrated with them.


Probably the highlight of this post is the weekend trip we all took to Salzburg to meet the Austrian exchange students.  Basically all of us agreed that it was a perfect weekend between the beautiful sights and the great people we had an opportunity to meet.  What can I say, exchange students always love other exchange students.  It’s hard to really put the weekend into words; all I can say was that it was way too short, I had my first Starbucks in 4 months, and I got extremely sick on the bus back home.  Hooray for vomiting into barf bags.

Christmas here was also lovely.  We celebrated on Christmas Eve moreso than Christmas day, so my host family and I had a big traditional dinner, opened presents, and then my host sister and I went out to the main square for a bit before heading to church.  On Christmas day we had another traditional meal, and I Skyped my family before going out with my host sister again.

I’ve had a wonderful holiday season so far and I hope you all have, too!



Happy Holidays!

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