Quick Update

So I’ve officially lived here in Zagreb for two months. In some ways, it feels like I just stepped off the plane, and yet in others, my life back in North Carolina feels like a seperate life time. And in a way, it is. After all, you can’t be an exchange student without hearing “Exchange isn’t a year in a life, it’s a life in a year,” at least 300 times. But it’s overused because it’s true; the reason homesickness hasn’t gotten to me much is because there’s a disconnect between home and here, like an entirely different version of Katherine (Roxanne, actually) is here, and the North Carolina version is kind of on pause for ten months.

Basically, past the pretentious crap, things are a lot different here.

In my last post, I talked more about my feelings than general events. I’ll try to detail a few things that I’ve done in the past few months here that aren’t just my normal day to day.

-Went to see a da Vinci exhibit with my host family.
-Went to see the same exhibit with my class.
-Went to Plitvice, Varaždin, and Veliki Tabor for orientation weekend.
-Hiked for two hours in the rain.
-Went to a grill party in Gorščica.
-Tried Zumba.
-Went to an archaeology museum.
-Spent a lot of time on the roof of a hotel.
-Went to a modern art show with my host mom.
-Went to a neanderthal museum.
-Accidentally saw a Vatra concert.
-Went to Rotary meetings and met lots of former exchange students.
-Went into H&M and trying on the most awful clothes we could find.
-Carved my first successful pumpkin!

And some more ordinary but still different things.

-Coffees. So many coffees. With the exchange students, my class, my host sister, etc.
-Movies more often since tickets are so much cheaper.
-Countless hours spent exploring with the other exchange students.
-Countless hours spent studying Croatian.
-Countless hours spent on public transportation.
-Countless dollars spent on food…
-Countless times fallen asleep in class.

Obviously there’s lots of other things I’ve done but these are the ones I remember off the top of my head. I go out almost every day so it’s hard to keep track of everything.

This weekend in general was a lot of fun. On Friday after school, I went to an Interact club meeting (like Rotaract in other places) and met many new people about my age. On Saturday, I went out to lunch with my host family and then hung around their bar with Peri before going to the Decathlon in the park to cheer on her host mom and host sister. After that, I went for coffee and fondue with Helena, one of the girls I met at Interact. Today, I went to my host mom’s best friend’s house with my host family and spent the day there (the food was, as per usual in Croatia, amazing), and some of us ended up playing this incredibly frustrating Croatian board game. All in all, pretty great weekend. This week, I’m planning to see Annalise (we haven’t seen each other in forever and I miss her lots), go to my quarterly report meeting, take my host dog to get groomed and go to another Interact meeting. I’ll probably end up doing more but that’s the basic plan.

Also…Austria in a month!  And it’s Christmas season!  And we’re attempting to plan a mini Thanksgiving so that’s exciting too!

Quick Update

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