The Amazing E-mail

It finally came!

I’ve known I was going to Croatia for almost six months now (since just a few days before Christmas), but past that, I knew nothing until yesterday.  I got my e-mail in the middle of English class from the RYE director over in Croatia, who told me that I would be living in Zagreb, Croatia, the capital city.  I was given contact information for my first host family and for my sponsoring club, along with some costs that would come along with living in Croatia, prospective traveling opportunities, information about forms and paperwork I need to get in and all that fun stuff.  I’m already friends with my host mom on Facebook and have sent an e-mail in their direction so I hope to be in touch with them soon!

The other students also got their e-mails at the same time as me, and the four of us aren’t very far from each other, with three of us being within 10-20 minutes of each other and the farthest being an hour away.  We already have plans to bring America’s Thanksgiving over there (:

Overall this has been an exciting week!  I had prom on Saturday which was a ton of fun and I started guitar lessons the same day I got my e-mail, Tuesday.  Now I’m just using Memrise to get some basic Croatian vocab and phrases under my belt and working on my Rotary pins, which I will post pictures of soon.


The Amazing E-mail

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