3 More Months!!


Soooo I haven’t posted in almost two months and I don’t really have a good reason other than the fact that I don’t have a lot of new developments exchange-related right now.  A few weeks ago we had a successful yard sale and made about 200 dollars, which will go to buying the last few odds and ends of clothing I need for Croatia (mostly shoes and summer things because we stocked up on winter clothes around Christmas).  Thanks to everyone who donated money or items or bought anything from the yard sale; also thanks to my mom and brother for helping me set up and such (and for bringing Dunkin Donuts) and to my bestestest friend Emma for helping me sell things (:

I’m super busy in general lately.  I only have a month left in my beautiful, amazing school and I’m trying to make it last so I’m spending as much time as possible with all the people I’ve met there.  I’m going to miss it soooo much and I can’t wait to spend senior year with them, but I’m ditching them now for Croatia and I doubt very highly I’ll have any regrets.  I have prom in three days so preparation for that (aka staring at Pinterest for hours because I STILL don’t know how I want to do my hair, or makeup, or nails) has been taking up a nice amount of time, especially because I’m trying to organize a dinner for my very stubborn group of friends.  I really want this prom to be special because it’s one of the last times we’ll all be together as a big group, since end of year cramming and exams start pretty soon.  I’ve also finally picked up the guitar, and my early birthday gift was a Laurel Canyon guitar so I’m excited about that!  Hopefully I will have a host family that doesn’t mind hearing my terrible guitar playing oops.

I’ve also been trying to reach out to other exchange students, namely fellow Croatia-bound initiates (we have nicknamed ourselves the Broatians).  So far there’s four of us- me, Delaney, Annalise, and Jonah.  We’re all anxiously awaiting the email from the Croatian rotary which will tell us about our host family and where exactly we’ll be living and all the important things!! I am so incredibly excited to get in touch with my host family and research the city I’ll be living in, and obviously even more excited to go to Croatia which is a thing that’s happening in like three months!!!  I’ve just been looking at people who are currently there on exchange or were there in past years and practically drooling, because who wouldn’t be excited to go spend a year in a country with random people whose language you don’t understand?  Seriously though, I can’t wait.

3 More Months!!

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