Only 5 More Months

As the title suggests, I’ve just recently come to the realization that five months from now I’ll be in Croatia.  Every time someone mentions next school year or Christmas or Halloween or their birthday or anything like that, I realize that I won’t be there- it’s definitely mixed emotions.  To be brutally honest at this point being scared to leave is making it hard to be as excited as I should be, and while I wouldn’t stay home for the world, it’s a really terrifying thought that I’ll be virtually on my own in less than half a year.  That said, I’m finding out my district and my host families soon, I’ve connected with two other girls who are going to Croatia as well, and a lot of things have started coming into place.

First of all, the fundraiser with my church is going well.  It ends around Saint Patrick’s day so I will be able to update you all on how much we raised around then.  I’ve been selling tickets after services for the past three weekends for the raffle basket, and we’ve had a lot of people buying and by my guess we have raised somewhere in the range of 500-1000 dollars.  They were also kind enough to put my blog in the church newsletter, which will hopefully get some more people learning about my journey with RYE so far!  Big thank you to everyone from my church who helped this happen, it really means a lot to me.  Also huge thanks to anyone and everyone who bought tickets- every penny counts towards paying for plane fair, travel agency, insurance, incidentals, etc. (:

Two really cool coincidences have also happened recently, one concerning the fundraiser.  A woman from my church works with a bunch of people who speak Croatian and offered to put me in touch with them, so I should be in contact with people who are actually from my host country soon!  Hopefully it will aid me in learning the language- I’ve got a lot of basics down due to apps and internet services but nothing really compares to actually having someone around who speaks the language.  Also, found out that David Gilmour (the Pink Floyd one, yes) is releasing a new album/going on tour to only FIVE venues and Pula, Croatia is one of the lucky cities- the luckiest, actually, because that’s where he’s kicking off the tour.  It’s on September twelfth, and I’ll be in Croatia, but tickets are upwards of 300 dollars…just for the lawn.  Probably not happening, lol, but with some luck I may be able to go to Pula around that time and hang around the area.  It’s 3 hours from Zagreb, which isn’t bad, especially because it’s a coastal city and I may be able to spend the weekend there, but it’s about 7 and a half hours from Dubrovnik so if I’m placed there it probably won’t happen.

Only 5 More Months

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