Apologies for not updating for a while, there hasn’t been too much going on exchange-wise.  Most of my time has been taken up by schoolwork, actually, which is always fun.  Anyway, this is going to be a pretty quick update because now that I have my country I’ve kicked fundraising into gear.  I already had 1k+ on my gofundme before I actually found out I was going to Croatia, which is great, but now I’m taking extra measures rather than just asking for donations.

I applied for a few local jobs around town, which I’m waiting to hear back from.  It’s not so easy to find a job around here when you’re only fourteen- I can just barely get my legal working papers, unfortunately.  However, it can’t hurt to try, and I’m really hoping I get one of the jobs.

I’m currently working on a poster for a fundraiser my church is holding for me.  They’re going to be raffling off a Saint Patrick’s Day basket, and they’ll be presenting it at services for two weeks.  This Saturday, I’m speaking before one of their meetings to inform them about Rotary’s mission, why I wanted to go on exchange, and the things I’ve done/am doing to prepare for it.  I’m looking forward to it; it’s the first time I’m going to get to wear my blazer!  My dad is taking it into work tomorrow to get my RYE patch sewed on it before Saturday.

Do viđenja!


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