Rotary Meeting and Newspaper Article


This Tuesday, I went to my local club’s meeting and was able to speak a little bit about my experience so far and my reasoning behind picking Croatia as a country.  I got to talk about why I found Croatia interesting and how I went about becoming a youth ambassador.   Tanya Feagins, the coordinator of RYE in my district also spoke about youth exchange through Rotary in general and, since I am the first outbound student ever from my club, let everyone know what was expected and what would be going on.

Also, I’m going to be featured in my local newspaper this coming Monday, which I’ll post about once it comes out.  I had my interview over the phone yesterday and they’re coming by my house to take the picture tomorrow.  I’ll also provide a link below to my local club’s website, which has a summary of the meeting and the short speech I gave.  Big thanks to everyone from 7690, I appreciate everything you do!

“Tanya asked Katherine Segposyan, our sponsored student who is picture on the right after being given a Rotary mug by President Lee, to share a few words. She said that she began the process last March. She wanted to do something special during what will amount to a “gap” year in her education, due to the fact that she skipped a grade. Her mother, Amy, discovered the Rotary Exchange Program and contacted our club in September. She completed an extensive application, met with members of our club and the district, and submitted all the additional paperwork in late November. ESSEX notified her on December 22 that she would go to her first choice, Croatia. She does not yet know who her host family will be. Katherine said she selected Croatia because she believes she will be able to undo some of the misconceptions about that region and be able to have a higher degree of immersion into the culture there, since it is not such a well known tourist spot. She believes she has a greater chance of experiencing true assimilation into the culture in that country. Although she does not know Croatian (yet), she said most of the young people are fluent in English. Tanya added that Katherine was probably selected so quickly because her reason for going matches Rotary’s commitment to peace making in the world.”

Rotary Meeting and Newspaper Article

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