Finding Out My Country


As I mentioned in a quick post before, I found out my country a few days ago.  I’m going to my first choice country, which is Croatia.  I’m not sure if I ever posted the finalized order of my country choices, but it went like this:

1. Croatia
2. Poland
3. Spain
4. Chile
5. Netherlands

Originally, Spain was my first choice because I have had 4 years of Spanish classes, so I wanted to go somewhere with a language I was familiar with, but I also wanted to be in Europe.  It changed a few months ago to Croatia being my first choice.  Poland and the Netherlands were added into the list relatively late because a few of the countries I had been researching required to me to be older, and I added Chile because I wanted at least one country in South America.

I won’t find out the specific area of Croatia for a few months, because that’s when I’ll find out my host families (most students that go on exchange through Rotary have 2-3 host families, each for 3-4 months).  However during this time, I really need to start raising money and learning the language.  I’ve already bought a guidebook to Croatia, which is geared more toward tourists but is still helpful.  I’ve also changed my devices to Croatian and downloaded a few Croatian apps.  We’ve currently raised 1k out of our goal of 2.5k on my GoFundMe, so we’re almost halfway there.  Any donations would be appreciated, and the link can be found under the ‘Useful Links’ page of my website.  Thank you all in advance!  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at


Finding Out My Country

One thought on “Finding Out My Country

  1. Tanya Feagins says:

    Katherine&, you were excellent in sharing your ideas about the Youth Exchange to the sponsoring Rotary Club of Alamance-Burlington today at their meeting. Thank you for being an outstanding Rotary Ambassador.


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