Zoo Trip!

Hi everyone!

I realize this update is a bit late, but I completely forgot to update my blog for a bit until I went on to update some pictures and realized I never told you all about my trip to the zoo on the 16th.

It was a smaller trip than I expected it to be; it was only me, a few parents, the director of youth exchange in my area, two exchange students from other countries, and 2 other girls who were going on exchanges soon, as well as one girl’s younger sister who wants to go on an exchange in the future.  Of the two current inbounds, one is from France, and one is from Thailand.  Both of them spoke very impressive English for only being here about three months.  One of the girls who will soon be an outbound is going on short term exchange this summer to France, and the other will be going on long term the same year as me, hopefully to Belgium.

We had a picnic lunch which was nice despite the constant bombarding from yellow jackets (I’ve never seen so many of them in one place), and then we walked around the NC Zoo for about three hours.  Since it was relatively cold and on a Sunday, we basically had the zoo to ourselves, which was great if a little eerie.  I didn’t get any souvenirs because I’d rather save that money for exchange, but I did get a few pictures.

I’ve volunteered at a zoo/museum/aquarium for two summers now, and they have a ton of amazing animals, but this zoo had so many animals it was overwhelming.  I like the personal feel of the zoo I volunteered at because I knew all of the animals names and many of them I had interacted with on a weekly basis or seen grow up, etc.  However I also really liked seeing the huge variety of animals the larger zoo had to offer; lions, polar bears (one of which unfortunately passed away the day after we went, purely of old age), an arctic fox, an innumerable amount of different kinds of snakes and fish and birds (snakes are always my favorite), bison, elk, giraffes, zebras…the list goes on and on.  Since a Rotarian is one of the directors of the zoo, we were able to get in for free, so all in all, it was a great experience and I’m glad to be a part of the youth exchange program (:


Slightly candid group picture!

Zoo Trip!

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